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Little Butterflies

Mar 09, 2018

The project will provide legal, health and psychological support to children and teenagers who have been victims of sexual abuse. Reporting all cases of abuse to the local authorities is of fundamental importance in order to protect abused children and guarantee their rights. Group sessions with health workers, psychologists and a social worker will help the victims regain their own psychological and physical identities, using a cognitive-behaviour therapy.

The phenomenon of child sex abuse is becoming a global problem with dramatic consequences. Thousands of children and teenagers, particularly girls from the poorest families, suffer sexual abuse and exploitation. The Brazilian Amazon has long been famous as a sex haven for foreigners: occupied and exploited, it has always been the youngest members of the local population to pay the price. Sadly, most cases are closed without the abuser being brought to justice.

We need your help, because children, flowers of our life and the next generation are not protected from the impact of an external bad world. Together we can protect them. We need your help, after all, having united our efforts, we can eradicate the problem of small butterflies. After all, there was and should not be such that defenseless children suffer and need the help of those who are not indifferent. We will break this circle of problems, for our future, the growing generation.

Only after unification we can help children, we can help arrange therapy, to those who have already suffered. And all ways to avoid a new appearance of problems. So, as helping someone, we firstly help ourselves. Everyone can have such problems. Kindness is created in order to share it. Let's help together!

The project aim

The project aim at provide legal, health and psychological support to children and teenagers from Manaus who have been victims of sexual abuse. Through the help of experts we promote medical care and provide psychological-clinical treatment via group therapy. The protocol used is developed by Brazilian researchers and adapted to local needs.

The expected consequences

The expected consequences are the cycle abuse break and better legal protection, also with the contribution provided by working in partnership with the city's network of protecting children organisations. The direct beneficiaries are represented by 60 children and teenagers between 8 and 14 years of age and the families of the victims or accompanying adults in the cases of children living in institutional centres.

The money will be distributed

• Purchase equipment for study - many children need equipment for education, parents can not provide children, due to lack of funds. We plan to purchase all necessary equipment to make the children feel comfortable. Including: desks, chairs, books, notebooks, special materials, pens, and everything else that they need for learning.

• Printing books and booklets - it is necessary to print books, so as buying from suppliers we can save money and further help. We plan a large purchase of books and booklets so that children can start learning as quickly as possible.

• Nutrition in schools - also, children need food so that their strength does not leave them during their studies. Necessarily need to eat to maintain the body healthy, in partnership we will deliver food to the places of studying.

• Tuition fee - we also need to pay money to the teachers and people building the premises, so, as of now, it is very difficult to find a school that will be interested in charity and will not be interested in lucratives.




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